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Who Would You Fall For  Vampire  werewolf  demon or angel   quiz. This is a story based quiz  so in other words there will be more than one and all the questions are asking what you would do in this particular situation  Just have fun with it  The results with this one will be giving you your character and the next ones will give details on who your falling for Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, werewolf, demon or angel?
This is a story-based quiz, so in other words there will be more than one and all the questions are asking what you would do in this particular situation. Just have fun with it! The results with this one will be giving you your character and the next ones will give details on who your falling for!

1. You wake up from your alarm clock on a school day, reach over and press the snooze button. The clock says 6:00...
OMG WHAT!!!!!! 6:00? WTH!!!! *Falls back to sleep*
Yay! Another day!
Meh... suppose I`ll have to get ready for school.
Can`t wait to see my buds!
*Picks up alarm clock and throws into the wall halfway across the room* (Me: Ahah...)
Oh, that`s a bit early. Oh well!
2. You have a quick breakfast and get dressed for school. What do you wear? (You go to a non-uniform school)
Something casual, like a t-shirt and jeans. I don`t want to stand out.
All black, skinny jeans, etc, etc.
Comfortable but bright clothing and converse or runners.
A dress, defiantly! Hehehe.
3. You walk to school and get there late, go through your first two periods then hear the bell ring for recess. You go towards the table your friends always sit at and notice their already there you...
Run over to them and sit down instantly, instantly scabbing as much food as you can from everyone!
Walk silently up to them and sit down without saying a word and unpack my food.
Walk over to them and punch the ones closest to me in the arm playfully then stay standing.
Say hi to everyone and give a smile secretly thinking what great friends you have! ^_^
You arrive at the table, tell a few jokes and do an impersonation of the most hated teacher. :P
4. You`re friend leans over to you and whispers your name (by the way your name`s Chelsea and your 15) then beckons you to look behind yourself slowly...
Huh my name`s Chelsea! Cool! Oh wait yeah, looking behind! *Swings head around super non-discretely*
Hmm? Oh okay... not sure what I`m looking at, but he must have said that for a reason, right!? :)
*Looks behind really slowly as your friend said, not wanting anyone to notice*
5. You see a group new boys walking over to a spare table, all EXTREMELY hot and mysterious, but your best friend Craig has gone very still and quiet...
Did you say hot? *Takes hair out and makes self look sexy then tries to catch one of the boy`s eyes*
Poor guys! They`re being stared at by everyone!
Typical, new guys get all the attention.
*Looks at answer 3* Yeah, I`d like them to give me some of their attention.
Stares at boys secretly. They`d never notice me anyway... *SIgh*
Huh? Why does Craig look so... ummm... still?
6. After school you go to Craig`s house and work on a partnered assignment. He doesn`t say much and you decide to go home early because of the awkward silence.
Poor Craig! D: I wonder what`s wrong?
Oh, for crying out loud, couldn`t he have just told me what was up! Pfftt.. (Me: A little harsh.)
Its strange when I`m not the only one who isn`t talking. Wonder what`s up?
What`s wrong with him! Please, please, please, please tell me!!!! I WANNA KNOW!! (Me: Be patient!)
7. Its dark now and the full moon is out, you feel a chill shift through your spine and stare up at the white moon. You never remember seeing it this big before. Suddenly you hear sound in the bushes near you...
Umm... hello? Don`t need to be shy around me, please come out! I don`t bite. :)
*Pulls up sleeves and holds up fists* Come out and face me!
.................... (Me: Okay I`m guessing your just standing there speechless) ..........
8. You watch as a dark shadow comes out from the bushes and you can feel the ground shaking underneath you. You stand there petrified with fear, when suddenly you feel someone hold you in their arms and push you into the ground then you hear a growl...
Did that person just push me into the GROUND! Okay, their dead!
*Starts to stand up and wipes dirt off self* It was probably just an accident.
*Looks at other answers* Hey, am i the only one here you actually read the bit about a growl? Huh!?
*Struggles to try and see what`s happening*
9. When you finally stand up you realise Craig is standing before you, his back to you, and turns around. He is sweating and looks completely exhausted. "I thought you said your Mum was picking you up?" You were quiet because you actually left early so
Just click this one, `cause I didn`t have enough space to write! Lol, it won`t change your result!
Or this one, either way there is no difference.
10. your mum wasn`t there to do so. Suddenly the three new boys from school come running towards you. One is blonde, the other a really dark dirty brown hair and the last one has onyx black hair. "I don`t need you guys here," Craig says...
Wah? Don`t say that, Craig, of course we do! They`re hot!
Yeah, three`s a crowd, five is a... umm... lot of people?
Craig! Shutup!
Hmm? He knows them? Well it would have been nice for him to tell me that. Oh well! ^_^
11. "Well it looks like you do," the blonde boy says. "That was a close call." All three boys eye craig suspiciously..... And that`s the end of the first quiz! Wait for part 2 to learn what happens next!
Oh, awesome! That was a heaps cool quiz!! I`ll be waiting for the next one! (Me: YAY!)
Coolies!!! :D
Oh okay then. (Me: ?)

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