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who would you fall for  A vampire  warewolf  or angel  quiz. You ever wonder who you d pick  If not  don t take this quiz  simple as that Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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who would you fall for? A vampire, warewolf, or angel?
You ever wonder who you'd pick? If not, don't take this quiz. simple as that.

1. what would your guy be doing at 12 AM?
sleeping and awaiting the beautiful sun.
out in the woods hunting, maybe howling at the moon.
he always leaves at night to attend to "important matters"
2. what would he eat?
just about anything. especially meat.
sweets. cakes, candies,things like that.
he never eats with me, he usually waits `till about 8 PM. to go "out to eat"
what ever tastes good and isn`t poisonous
he hunts at night.
3. what`s most important in a guy (in your oppinion)
he must be kind to all.
he must be mannerly and sophisticated
must know how to have fun.
4. where would you guys go out on a date?
we`d go on a picnic on a beautiful feild of flowers in the sunshine.
We`d have a candlelight dinner on a cemetary at midnight.
at the park goofing around and having fun.
where ever. he`d just be happy to be with me.
5. what`s his best feature (physically)
his wild, crazy hair. I think it looks cute. plus his body`s pretty good as well.
his gorgeous face and beautiful bright eyes.
his eyes. they`re too amazing for words to describe.
his body XD
6. what are his feelings towards cats?
he loves them. he loves all living creatures.
there o.k. as long as they don`t bother him.
he hates them for some reason.

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Created on:11/10/2008 9:25:00 AM
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