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Who do you love   Warriorcatlovequiz girlzonly  Part   quiz. Remembering who you love from last time  you are taken through another crazy day of love  this time with more toms    Do you still love the tom from before  Or do you love a new guy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who do you love? ~Warriorcatlovequiz~girlzonly! Part 2
Remembering who you love from last time, you are taken through another crazy day of love (this time with more toms!). Do you still love the tom from before? Or do you love a new guy?

1. Hi girls! Do you remember who you loved from last time?
2. Ok. You wake up the next day, only to find that Blazeheart had rolled over in your nest. You....
Awwwww! I love you Blazeheart!
Hey! This spot is reserved for Smokefoot!
I wish this was Gravelfur....
Let`s meet more toms!
3. You get up and pad outside. To your notice, Sunpaw is being made a warrior! "Hi (your name)! I am Sunblaze now!"
I don`t care. I like Smokefoot.
Maybe I should go back and sleep with Blazeheat....
I need my Gravelfur right now....
That`s cool, Sunblaze! Now we can be together!
4. Two toms pad towards you before you can decide what to do. It`s Smokefoot and a warrior called Shroomstripe. "Hey, (your name), what`s up sweetie?" Shroomstripe meows. Smokefoot sends him a hostile look.
I like you Shroomstripe!
Smokefoot! Stop him!
Blazeheart, wake up already!
Where did Sunblaze go?
I have to see Gravelfur again!
I. Need. More. Toms.
5. Smokefoot steals this chance. "Do you want to share a rabbit with me?" He gazes into your eyes. "I mean,..." He starts blushing.
Yes! I love Smokefoot so much! He is so sweet!
I would share with Gravelfur instead, if he lived in ThunderClan.
Nah. I`m gonna share with Blazeheart when he wakes up.
No, I`m sharing a vole with Shroomstripe.
Sorry! I`m eating a robin with Sunblaze, wherever he is.
None of you! I need more toms!
6. So you share with whoever you love( if you picked Gravelfur you eat alone). A couple minutes later, some WindClan cats enter camp. Gravelfur is among them.
Yay! My hero is here! I love him a lot!
Wonder what their here for, right Smokefoot?
Blazeheart, what are they doing here?
Shroomstripe, protect me from them!
Sunblaze, we`ll fight together if they attack!
Say what?????
7. Gravelfur sees you and runs over. "Hey cutie, we are here for some herbs. Don`t panic alright?" He licks your cheek.
Lick him back and purr.....
Smokefoot! Did you see that?!
Blazeheart! He called me a cutie!
Sunblaze! He licked me!
Ack! Help Shroomstripe!
Hey, I may be single, but I need more choices.
8. After retrieving herbs, WindClan leaves. You are sharing tongues with your crush(or by yourself) when a border patrol enters with a loner. "What is your name?" Blurstar, your leader demands. "I`m Albino." He replied, winking at you.
Albino. Is. Amazing!!!!
Smokefoot, who does he think he is!?
Gravelfur! Come back!!!!
What does he possibly want, Blazeheart?
Shroomstripe! He winked at me!
Sunblaze, protect me!
9. Blurstar goes to her den to think, and Albino skips to you. "Hey there, pretty gal. What`s-" He is interrupted by Blazeheart, who notices. "Go away, freak! (Your name) is too good for you!" You.....
Purr and lean into him.
Hiss, Hey! What are doing to my future mate!?
Back off, and watch with your Crush.
Wish Gravelfur was here.
10. Smokefoot, Sunblaze and Shroomstripe all give him hostile looks. Annnnd.... Cliffhanger!
How dare you!!!!
Screw you!
11. Alright, I will make part 3. Who do you love?

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