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Who would your boyfriend be in h2o just add water?

1. Your boyfriend wants to take you on a date.Where would you like to go?
Going to a cafe.
Having a picnic at sunset on a beach.
Going to the movies.
2. What do you want in a man?
That he will do everything to win you.
That he will be smart and sweet.
That he will show up unexpectedly,bearing gifts.
3. What are you like?
I have few friends (who needs them?) but I require very much in a man.
I am new and a bit shy but kind and all I require from a boy is love.
Neat and organized and my boy must be the same way.
4. Your favorite bracelet falls into a stream.What do you want your boyfriend to do?
Dive in after it or else I dump him.
Comfort me and let me cry quietly on his shoulder.
Invite me to his house to talk about it.
5. Your boyfriend takes you to a gift shop and asks you what you want.what do you want?
Only everything!
A little dolphin keychain.
Nothing,but how sweet of him to offer!
6. And who are you expecting to get?
I dunno!

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