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Who would be your Attack On Titan girlfriend?
Ever wondered which of the girls would take a liking to you? Lets see.

1. Welcome! To start off, I`m going to have each of the three girls come out and ask you a question!
Sweet! Bring out the girls!
New friends! yay!
I could care less.
2. Sasha: Looks like I`m up first! Anyway, do you like food?
Yeah I could eat all day!
Food is required to sustain life. Because I value life, I will eat.
We don`t have enough food for you to obsess over it. Eat only what rations you are given.
Not as much as I like YOU. *smirk*
3. OK! Next girl, Mikasa Ackerman!
Yay! My bestie!
I could care less.
But Sasha was so pretty... I can`t imagine how beautiful Mikasa is.
Ah, Mikasa. I would love to meet her.
4. Mikasa: Who would win in a fight: me or Annie?
Annie. Hands down.
You, of course. You`re way stronger than her!
I don`t care as long as there`s food *drools*
In a battle of hotness You`d win no questions asked.
5. One last girl to come and ask a question! Make way for... Annie Leonhardt!!! *crowd cheers*
Yay! Yip yip!! *cheers*
Bring it.
Is she hot?
6. Annie: *sighs in annoyance* What`s your favorite kind of titan?
My... favorite... titan... Me: just say a dead one JUST SAY A DEAD ONE you: waA OK A DEAD ONE *cri*
Eren`s titan. (me: that`s rather specific...)
Abnormal titans are fun to tease.
Your titan is hot.
7. All done! Now what did you think of the girls?
They seemed nice! We`re bound to be friends!
They`ll make necessary allies.
I just want to go home.
They were frikin HOT.

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