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Who would be your anime roommate?
A quiz to decide which anime person would be your roommate

1. Do you mind if your roommate has a stripping problem?
Of course I mind! I can`t have a naked roommate walking around!
I don`t mind at all. That can do whatever they want.
As long as they don`t mind me stripping.
2. Is privacy very important for you?
Not really. We`re roommates so we should share the place we`re living in.
Nope. I go where I want, when I want. Vise-versa.
3. Your ideal roommate-
4. Can you cook?
Nope. My scrambled eggs are a mixture of vomit and rubber
Yes, I`m the best cook I know.
I`m not bad. But I usually order pizza.
5. How do you feel about being bitten in embarrassing places? (OMG I don`t want to ask this!)
I`d love it!
I`d hate it!
I don`t understand the question.
6. Would you prefer a quiet roommate?
Yes, the quieter the better.
No! Loud music everyday!
As long as they don`t disturb me they can be as loud or quiet as they want.
7. Do you have a good sense if humour?
No I`m pretty not-boring-just-not-funny
Yes! Heaps if things are funny! Why did they toad cross the road? To show his girlfriend he has guts
I have my moments.
8. R.P time! You move into your new place which is...
A mansion my dad shipped me off to.
A simple house with affordable rent.
Some random place. A school, ship, tree ect.
A world filled with monsters who want to eat your soul.
9. There your meet your roommate. Your first impression is...
He/she is scary as hell!
Wow what a nice person
I don`t want to live here!!
10. The reason you can`t move is because...
You are completely trapped and will probably die if you try to run.
You don`t want to because its a nice place.
Your in another world and don`t have the magic to get out.
11. In the house you find a cat. What does your roommate do with the cat?
Pretend to hate it but later gives it pats and plays with it.
Kicks it out without a second thought.
Feeds it and adopts it.
12. What`s your Favourite anime Genre?
Fantasy is most exiting!
Romance is always wonderful
Action and adventure!!
13. What`s would your pet be?
A teacup pig
A cat or dog
A gold fish
A rabbit or Guinea pig
14. How do you feel about big, epic parties?
Hate them
Love them
Every once in a while
15. Pick the first letter of your name

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Created on:9/27/2015 7:37:45 PM
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