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Whitch Rp char of mine are you   Girls only  quiz. Well whitch are you silly huryy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Whitch Rp char of mine are you? (Girls only)
Well whitch are you silly huryy!

1. Rp: K...Your walking anywhere it could be and you see a man about hurt a poor little baby You...
Go and save the baby no matter what!
Go call for help fast!
Kill the person who was hurting the baby and take the baby for you.
2. Rp: You seem to be trapped in a cage...Theres needles all around you and your all tided up you...
Get out...You dont mind the pain of needles.
Sit and think for a moment.
Whisper for help hopeing someone would hear.
Try and get out with something on the floor.
Try and get a needle and get out of the ropes.
3. Whats your personalitty?
Nice shy, and happy alot.
Sweet,Very shy kind hearted.
Outgoing abit shy. Nice A great friend loved by everyone!
Evilish. Never happy unless you get wat you want.
Deadly and evil. Has only a family of a sister and brother.
Nice,A team player. Got her parents killed by a mad man.
4. Are you an angel or devil?
Angel of course!
Evil Hehe >:3
5. Whats your hair color?
Light brown
Black, Purple
6. Whats something out of these that might interest you?
Sitting around. With me bf.
Practice with my bestie.
Mess around with my sister and her bf. Hhehe.
Fight peopple and take over them so i can have more power!
Play with friends.

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Created on:11/7/2008 10:27:39 AM
Made by:deathblood

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