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whick South Park character are you?
find out now!

1. whats your body type?
gaaah! what do you mean body type!
a little chubby
what?! i m not fat!
im skinny i guess
2. whats your favorite color?
light blue
none of the above
gaaah! i dont know!
3. what are your parents like?
give me whateva i want!
well my dad can be an idiot at times but hes alright
constantly give me coffee. er!
well my moms constantly yelling about something
their ok i guess.
they just grownded me.
4. would you kill a person?
no way!
no way! thats way too much pressure!
only if they p*ssed me off.
jews arent murderers
i couldnt
id get groounded
5. pick a phrase!
oh my god, they killed kenny!
you b*st*rds
ah their gonna get me!
ah hamburgers.
respect my atharitah!

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