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Where should you live?
A quiz to help first year students at UNH decide where they should live.

1. Which of the following stresses you out the most regarding first year living?
Not making friends
Not being able to get schoolwork done
Having to share a bathroom with tons of people
Too much noise
Having to walk far to get to class
Having to walk far to get food
Having to be social
2. Your ideal dorm is...
Party city!
A close-knit group of people
A group of people who share your interests
Quiet and serene
A place where you know everyone
Busy, always has something going on
Nice and clean
3. When it comes to dorm size you want...
A small dorm
A medium dorm
A large dorm
4. I want to live with...
other freshmen
a diverse group of people
a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
tons of people
people who have similar interests
5. Dinner time! Where are you and your friends headed?
The dining halls
DHOP or Domino`s
Pita Pit
Union Court
6. What college are you in?
COLA (College of Liberal Arts)
COLSA (College of Life Science and Agriculture)
CHHS (College of Health and Human Services)
CEPS (College of Engineering and Physical Science)
Paul College (Business and Economics)
7. Which of the following best describes your personality type?
8. Where would you like to live closest to?
The gym
The football field/fieldhouse
Your classes
Downtown Durham
The Fraternity and Sorority houses
A grassy quad
Dimond Library
9. What did you/are you going to put as your first choice when applying for housing?
SERCs (Handler, Peterson, and Haaland)
The Minis (Eaton, Hall, Richardson, and Marston)
The Freshmen Dorms (Christensen and Williamson)
Hubbard Hall
Upper Quad/Lower Quad (Devine Randall, Hitchcock/Gibbs, Hunter, Engelhardt)
Fairchild Hall
Stoke Hall
Smaller Freshmen Dorm (Alexander)
Congreve Hall
The Hills (Lord, McLaughlin, Scott, Sawyer, Jessie Doe)
10. Would you like to live in a chem free (no drugs/alcohol) dorm?
11. Will you need to stay at the dorms over breaks?
12. All dorms have lounges. Which of the following lounge situations would you prefer?
One with a fireplace
Lounges on each floor
Quiet study lounges as well as bigger common areas
Doesn`t matter, I`ll be studying in my room
13. Would you like to live in a hall with AC (air-conditioning)?
No/Doesn`t matter
14. Some of the dorms have a sports court nearby. Would you like to live in a dorm that offers this?
No/Doesn`t matter
15. Which of the following statements best describes how you feel about living in the dorms?
It`ll be my home away from home!
Well..sharing a bathroom and living space with other people should be interesting...
It`s just a temporary place to keep my stuff. I don`t plan on spending much time there.
I can`t wait to meet my roommate and floormates!
I`m excited to meet the people I`ll be eating with, partying with, and making memories with!

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