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Where Would You Most Likely Live?
Which city are you most likely to live in.. i know, i know, kinda limited quiz.. (e)

1. Here`s the 1st question: What kind of sport do you prefer?
Football or Baseball..
Basketball or Tennis
All 4 sports or Other..
2. Big City or Small Town?
Big City
Small Town
Umm.. idk..
3. Do much do you like to Party?
Not Much..
A Lot..
When I`m not busy..
4. Ok, Do you think education is important?
Totally, you need school to succeed..
No wayy, you can sing & act, duh..
Yea, you should get some book smarts & street smarts..
5. What kind of weather would you like to have?
3 words.. HOT HOT HOT!!..
Seasonal.. Cold winters, Hot summers, Warm springs, & Cool autumns..
Seasonal.. but slightly cooler than that..
Really hot, but not TOTALLY hot all the time..
6. Do you enjoy Performing Arts? (Singing, Acting, ect...)
Yea.. I like it..
I LOVE stuff like that!!
No I don`t like doing things like that..
7. & 4 the last question: Would you rather spend a day doing stuff in the city, or spending a day at a beach?
City stuff..
Beach stuff..
Both in 1 day!!..

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Created on:9/12/2007 4:26:47 PM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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