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What is your dominant emotion?
which emotion do u feel most

1. When you get up in the mornings you feel?
normal, just another day
not so good
happy, its another beautiful morning
Ok, ready to go out with my friends and possibly that special someone
Ambitious, time to get what I want
Its time to eat
Like your home is a bit empty
2. A couple of your closest friends died in a shooting, you feel?
Saddened, but they lived a good life and are probably in a better place
Devastated, but you overcome it by surrounding yourself with family and friends
You are crushed, you break down and take days, weeks, maybe even months to recover
Angry, why did they have to die they didnt deserve it
Everyone dies eventually thats is a fact of life
Whatever doesnt matter
A sad day but whats more important is what i can gain from their deaths
I have no one who i feel is close to me
3. Your off to the fair with your budds, how you feel?
Oh yea, time to have some fun :D
Amazing, i have time to be with my friends and thats what really matters
A little down, you get the feeling even a day out wont help u much
A bit mad, u dont even like going out but your being dragged along and it annoys you
Doesnt matter
time to go lets see what happens
heh ill make sure to win everything
My friends dont understand me anyways, its not going to be much of a night
4. Is the glass half empty or half full?
half full
half empty
My glass
I dont care forget the glass
The glass is nothing to me
Its just a glass
5. Which animal do you think represents you?
Lion the embodiment of pride and joy
Rabbits, truly animals of love that can die of loneliness
The spider, solitary animal that does everything on its own
Dog, loyal to those close to you and suffer when they are gone
Bull, strong and dangerous to anything that can annoys it
Crow, dark and taking what you want
SQUIRREL!!you see, hear, know everything.Instant reflexes(ok a little exaggerated)
Panda, eh just living life nothing that ineresting
6. You are given a cookie, but u wanted 2. How do you feel?
Eh o well thats fine i still got my cookie
I was given 2 cookies since they cant say no to me :P
*tear* i wanted another cookie
RWAR!!! gimme that cookie! D:<
theres no one who would give me a cookie
take a second one on impulse
wait for them to turn the take all the cookies
7. You are about to die, there is no way out. Your thoughts are?
So this is how it ends then. heh
This is it ill miss my family, friends, and him/her
*crying* its all over
no no NO! im not going down this way!
Its not like ill be missed anyways
Try to envision your death before it happens and try your best to avoid it
i cant die now, not like this. i want more i cant die without having more!!
8. Life is...
fine as long as i have him/her and my family
i dont care
not long enough
filled with things that push me over the edge
9. Pick one
10. Sorry not my best quiz, thanks for taking it anyways :D bye

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