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Where do you belong in this world  quiz. its not lik u ve ever not asked urself dat  click and find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Where do you belong in this world?
its not lik u've ever not asked urself dat. click and find out.

1. what do you do in your spare time?
draw, paint, etc
hang with family
visit animals at the animal shelter
go for a walk in the woods and explore
hang with friends
watch tv
play on computer
build stuff
go for a jog
2. ok, your in the woods and you come to a river. how do you cross it if you decide to do so?
make a bout and paddle
i would never be outside
you suddenly get inspiration and decide to paint it instead
get my family to help me
get someone to (other than family) to help
grab a vine and swing across it.
swim really fast
go back
yu are about to cross it when you find a injured, baby squiral and you decide to help it.
write a letter to the major to build a brigde across, cause it will better help the community
3. whats your fav color. (don`t kill me)
i love all colors
something wild like neon colors
soft colors
gold, silver, or bronze
black and white
4. If you could have one wish what would it be?(out of these choices)
to be famous
to be the best on your team
to be more awesome than oyu all ready are
to get rid of global warming
to have amazing artist skills
to be an adult, i`m tired of waiting already!
to be have all the tools ever made
to get rid of animal obuse
to have all the computer software/games before anyone else
to catch bad guyz in the blink of an eye
5. out of these sayings, which one is your fav?
a mother`s child is a mothers heart
insperation can come from anywhere
help can come from anywhere or anyone
work hard, train hard, live hard
your never fully dressed without a smile :)
creativity is the key to success
adventure is the thrill of a life time
sometimes the things that are not real give us the most hope
sometimes that things that can scare us can protect us
animals listen and give comfert when no one else can
6. If your house was on fire and you could only bring one thing out with you, what would it be?
my video games
my childhood drawings
my sewing kit
a weapon
my pet
my favorite trophie
my sibling (if you had one and she/he`s still inside)
my songs that i wrote
just 1! i would try to get more!
7. When you look up in the sky, what do you see or think of?
wonders yet to be discovered
star wars(me:haha)
my family
a million
8. i`m sorry this quiz is kinda short but i worked really hard on it and i hoped you liked it. please rate and comment.(p.s. this question doesn`t affect your outcome)
yeah i liked it and i will rate
yep it was great! i`ll do both!
it was ok
not the best quiz ever but good
yeah i liked it and i will comment
i hated it! worst quiz ever (me: sorry i waste yr time)
THIS QUIZ WAS AWESOME! CAN`T WAIT TO SEE MY RESULTS! (me: wow, i`m glad you liked it!)
nice quiz

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Created on:8/9/2008 7:15:43 PM
Made by:ocean93

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