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Where do you belong in the Sonic world?
Good? Bad? I decide :)

1. Whats your fur/hair colour?
Black, like Shadow yay :)
Blue, like my speed hero :)
Blonde, like Maria :)
Pink, and perky, that`s me ;)
Brown, I know karate :)
Bald, muhahahahahhahaha :)
Red, like my fury :)
White, like rouge :)
Nice and orangey-yellow :)
2. Whats your favourite perk?
Speed, they call me the quickster!!!!
Chaos Control, the ultimate power!!!!
Flight, best way to get around!!!!
It`s Hammering time!!!!
Robots, it`s destroy Sonic day, muhahahaha!!!!
My Fists, "What did you call me?" Ahhhhhh!!!!
Helping others, awww, so cute :)
Building cool gadgets :)
3. Who do you hate the most?
Doctor Eggman, robot making creep.
Myself, why was I born?
Amy, the pink, perky Sonic loving weirdo.
Rouge, that bossy theif eyeing the Emeralds.
I don`t hate anyone, how could you even ask me that?
Sonic, speedy little git.
4. Would you ever get married?
To Sonic? Sure :)
What???? No way!!!!
Not if your life depended on it, which it does, chaos blast!!!!
5. Have you lost a loved one?
Yes, poor Maria, she was so young :(
Yes, Cosmo, why did she have to go???Why???
My parents, oh well time for a race.
Nope Nobody
My entire species, thanks a lot for reminding me!!!!
6. What`s the best way to solve your problems?
Shoot them, until they die!
Face them head on, or run away.
Buy them off with jewels :)
Hammer their head off!!!
Punch them, right in the face!
Use words not violence :)
Make an Inginious plan, which Sonic won`t be able to stop!!!!
7. Best way to foil Eggman`s plan?
Get on his nerves, then blast through his robots.
Stop them? I work for him!
Who`s Doctor Eggman?
I`ve been kidnapped, oh well, only one thing to do. "Sonic!!!"
Stop them? I`m to bust stealing the emeralds.
Stop me? It`s my plan here, geez...
8. What do you like most in the world?
My Friends, especially Tails.
Maria, "I wish she was alive"
Chaos Emeralds, my precious gems.
Sonic!!!! Yay!!! "I love him so much"
My robots, muhahahaha.
Sonic, as a friend, unlike Amy.
My fists, charge!!!!!!!!!
My Grandfather and Shadow
9. What`s your favourite animal?
Hedgehogs, so cool.
Foxes, sly and smart, what a combination.
Bats, great at night.
I hate all animals, especially hedgehogs. "Ahh Shadow!, I didn`t mean it, have mercy ahhh"
10. What`s the last thing you`d do?
Kiss Sonic, everyone except Amy.
Save Sonic
Hurt Sonic
11. What do you fear most?
Water, OMG I`m so wet ahhh!!!
Discovering my true purpose :(
Losing a Chaos Emerald
Sonic Gone, OMG I can`t even think about that OMG no!!!
Being bullied, again "Sighs"
Being Weak, that would suck :(
Anything bad happening to my grandfather, OMG I don`t want to think about that.
12. Who is this picture of?
I don`t know, but he`s cute :)
My next victim
Who cares?
I don`t know
Mighty, from team Chaotix

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