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When Will You Find Love  quiz. Lots of quizzes will put you in a fake relationship with a celebrity or a TV character    but this quiz predicts when you ll really find love   Warning  It only works if you re single   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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When Will You Find Love?
Lots of quizzes will put you in a fake relationship with a celebrity or a TV character... but this quiz predicts when you'll really find love. (Warning: It only works if you're single!)

1. To find love, you`ve got to look, right? How hard have you been looking?
I`m not freaking out about it, but I`m keeping my eyes open.
Very, very hard.
Not very. I`m pretty sure nobody I know wants to date me.
2. Where`s your head, crush-wise?
I`ve got a few potential crushes, but no huge ones.
I`m at maximum crushpacity... I`m crushing so hard it hurts.
I get new crushes every single day. (Ugh, even my days are single.)
3. When you`re not thinking about finding love, what do you like best about being single?
I have more time to spend alone, and with my friends, family, and/or pet.
Sigh. Who says I like being single?
Nobody tells me what to do.
4. Do you believe it`s possible to find love if you`re wearing baggy sweats and your hair is a mess?
I believe it`s possible to do anything in baggy sweats. They`re comfy!
I hope so, because if I see a hot person jogging, I`m gonna jog after him/her.
Yes. I think true love can see past that stuff.
5. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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Created on:5/30/2010 12:10:49 PM
Made by:quiz199712

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