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When you are a Fairy  General  quiz. Everyone just have him her inner fairy soul  what is your own fairy soul  all fairy soul is wonderful Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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When you are a Fairy (General)
Everyone just have him/her inner fairy soul? what is your own fairy soul? all fairy soul is wonderful!

1. Which place you would life there?
Really Pure, Really Fresh, Really Serene
Dark, Outdoor and Cold Night
Greeny, dark and Underground
Something decored, Red and Pink Cute
Always Winter and Cold
Very Simple Mushroom but fully with Books
Something fragrant and Petals
Dark Rock Caves and full wit Potion Ingredient
Really Classic, full with Artistic Things and Classic Rocks
Something Soft Pink and Ribbonded then like a Music Box
2. What`s Fairy Dress do you loves?
made by Algae/Moss and Soil
made by something White and Cold
Anything the most important is "Fit"
made by Soft Pink Fabric
always follow me, made by Natural Elements
made by Moon Force
made by terrible and hard texture fabric
made by Rose Petals
made by something Simple but Really Deep Means
made by something Cute and Lovely
3. What`s your favorite food?
Wild Mushroom, Dead Root and Algae
Fresh Water Cucumber, Fresh Pear and Apple
Anything you made it by Yourself and delicious
Fresh Natural Herbs and Rose Petals
Anything that light and Healthy
Creamy meal that Light and Healthy
Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries
Old Tree`s Leaves
Your Potion
4. What`s your hobby?
Joking and tell funny stories to others
Making Potion
Deep and Explore more Deep about yourself
Pick out these Petals and fit your Petals Dress
Feel the Fresh and Serenity above the water and play with Water Species
Playing Piano and Violin Everyday
Making Potion
Collecting these Snowflakes
Reading books
Listen to Music Box
5. Which stones do you like and think it is good?
The Natural Rocks by the Volcano
Mossy Stones
Clear and Precious Water Stones
I don`t like stones
Moon Stones ( really round stones and really lighty)
6. What`s your inner fairy?
A Great and Amazing Artist
Elements Master
Deep Explorer
Funny Entertainer
In My Book i see bla bla bla

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