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Are you a werewolf??
see if you are werewolf material.

1. How well can you see in the dark??
i can see very well. Even the thinest things.
A little. With a little light.
Nope. Blind as a bat in the dark.
2. How much do you love nature?
very, i go there every day!!!
meh, once in a while.
Nope, all shopping for me!
3. Are you a vegetarian?
4. Do you like animals??
yeah, i have horses, pigs, goats, etc...
no, but i have fur coats!
well, i guess
5. How angry do you get??
Very, the slightest this ticks me off
i can keep calm very long.
i can control my temper for a period of time.
6. How do you feel around the full moon???
love it

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Times Taken:6,320
Created on:5/28/2007 11:08:53 AM
Made by:Green258

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