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What type of werewolf are you      quiz. I previasly made an are you a werewolf qwiz  if you got werewolf this might come in handy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What type of werewolf are you?????
I previasly made an are you a werewolf qwiz, if you got werewolf this might come in handy

1. You are walking in your packs terrotory, when you smell strong blood You.........
Go help imidiatly!
I dont ceare its there problem....
Go forth to finish the wounded one off!
Go have a look
Go look for help!
2. You find the wounded one, it terns out he is about to die and you cant help You..........
Panic! Try to comfort him
Lay by his side and tell him about what it may be like in wolf heaven
FINNISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to him, reashure it will be fine
Walk on asif I havn`t notised him
3. Before he dies he thanks you (if you helped) and then gives you a blue glowing stone You..............
Don`t ceare!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank him and take it
Leave me alone!
Take it camly and wish him luck in his new life
What is it?
4. Suddenly he falls dead You...............
Don`t ceare!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok!!!!!!!!
Bery his body
Smile! DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!
Egsamine his wounds and see what may have cawsed them
I wonder what this stone is?
5. Suddenly the stone turns purple and you get swpper powers what are they?
I can play tricks on evry one and not get suspected
I can protect the pack no matter what
I CAN KILL ENY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can breath fire!
I can go un notised
6. Whatdo you use your powers for

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