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Are You A Werewolf Quiz
Are you a werewolf?

1. Your walking throue a forest (its a short cut home) and you hear eary howls You......
Continue your walk, wolves wont hurt me
Go back to the normal rute
2. Suddenly a wolf like creature appears out of no where you.....
Stay still, maybe it hasnt seen you yet
3. The creature sees you and catches you, as it comes into the moonlight YOU SEE ITS A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It bites you and runs off You.........
Are deeply shocked and run!!!!!!!!
Faint with fright........
4. Suddenly you feel a pain all over, YOUR BECOMING A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!! You.........
Let nature have its way, become a werewolf
Wake up and PANIC!!!!!!!
5. You are now a werewolf!!!!!!!! Your fist thoght is................
Cool Im a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:9,955
Created on:8/29/2011 10:54:18 AM
Made by:GirlWerewolf

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