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What kind of Werewolf are you  quiz. There are many types of werewolves  Find out which one you are like Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of Werewolf are you?
There are many types of werewolves. Find out which one you are like.

1. You are walking down a cold alley and its raining. What do you keep telling yourself?
Walk through this place as quickly as I can
I`m brave I`m brave I`m brave right
I`m used to it
I don`tcare about a alley or if its raining
2. Suddenly you hear a beep and you pull out your cell phone, and you see the cops are tring to reach you. Do you answer it?
I guess
No I don`t care
It may be important so yes
Sure I would
3. The answer the phone and the cops tell you that your whole family has been murdered. How do you answer?
What the hell
No this can`t be happening to me
I don`t care
Ok I guess
4. You put away your cell phone and then you hear a cry for help. What do you do?
I just lost my family and now someone wants me to help them
Go help them
I will go help them
Gop see the cops about your family and then go save the person
5. You go to the call for help and see a little boy. He`s knocked out what do you do?
Help the poor guy
Go see if he`s ok
Look around something doesn`t feel right
Not help him. Why should I?
6. The boy soon wakes up and thanks you but tells you to leave. What do you say?
I guess whatever it is is nothing but I guess I`d better leave
I`m not leaving
I`m not frightened of anything
7. Then the boy start to shake and you look up in the sky and see a full moon. What do you do?
Get the hell out of there
Stay put
Fall to the ground
8. The boy as turned into a werewolf. What kind is he?
Hunting/ normal
9. Will you rate or comment? (Will not affect the outcome)

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