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What were you in a past life?
Were you a princess? A peasant? Find out here! (e)

1. How many chores do you do around the house?
2. Are you a picky eater?
Yes. Only fresh shrimp and caviar for me!
No. I`ll eat almost anything.
I can be.
3. How active are you?
Not really.
Super active.
4. when you were a kid, did you make mud pies?
Yea!!! I still do!
Might have.
5. Who do you hang out with?
The rich kids.
The poor kids
A mixture of both.
6. How often do you go shopping?
Every day!
Once a week.
Once a year.

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Created on:7/30/2007 11:57:12 AM
Made by:dutto5678

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