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How well do you know jack and jack
Jack J and Jack G from vine

1. Which is not one of there songs
2. How long have they known each other
Since kindergarten
5 years
Since vine started
Since preschool
Since 7th grade
Since birth
3. What song do Jack, Jack, Sam ,Jake and Kenny cover on vine
We can`t stop
How to love
This is how we do
Last Friday night
4. When school is canceled what song do they lip sing
B$&ch u guessed it
Turn down for what
Wild ones
5. What song have they not danced to
Do my step
Every time we touch
One type of dark taku remix
Just dance
6. Which is not a song they covered
The way
How to love
Turn down for what
Red nose
Feelin alright
7. Who raps more
Jack G
Jack J
Can`t tell the difference
8. Who does jack g act like when Jack his playing ping pong
Lil jon
Justin Timberlake
Joe Jonas
Inrique Iglesias

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