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Welcome to Nightmare Relm!
a journey into a nightmare...dont take if u get scard easily

1. You wake up and all see is darkness. Nothing moves and nothing makes a sound. You begin to feel around and you place your hand down on something that feels like hair. You look down and see dead bodies lying all around you. What do you do?
holy crap!!!!! i would run away.......and like...idk!!!
i would stay....staring down at the bodies......
get up and walk away.....
who cares?! there just bodies!!!
....ewwww......nasty........i would try to get as far away from them as possible....
i would poke them....fun.....
2. You shriek and run away. After you collapse from exhaustion, you realize that you haven`t gone anywhere. You`re still lying next to the bodies. Suddenly you hear a loud scream. It gets louder and louder until it stips then a girl appears.What is she?
a demon
an angel
a cat-girl
a witch
a vampire
a werewolf
a bat-girl
a ghost
3. She looks up at you and says, "It has been awaken. No one is safe now." She disappears and a deformed boy appears in her place. He looks at you and you shudder. "Don`t worry girl, its only deformed."
okay then....wtf?!
wat has awakened.....and whos da boy????
i agree wit option 3.......
well...then.....i dont care
wateva...just giv it sum meds and let it sleep again..god!!!
4. The boy walks through you and into the piled up dead bodies. Suddenly the darkness changes to a circus-like place. Everywhere you look, its like a twisted circus. You thought IT might pop out at you. A girl with long black hair came up to you.
wen does dis dream end?!
holy crap no another girl!!! i bet shes gonna run away too!!!
man....i hate the circus and IT
i agree wit option 3.......again.....
wow...i luv twisted circuzez!!! yayz!!
well then......
i hoe there r no dead bodies!!
the circus?
5. She says her name is Ryoko. She hands you a ball. It is grey and has strange red markings on it. You take it and she walks away, but before she left, she beckoned for you to follow her. You do and she takes you to a whole different place.
wats da ball 4?
where am i goin?!
ok....*follow* *follow*.........
well....wats dis ball gonna do? is it to lik get the thing to sleep..is it lik meds or sumthin?
i dont get da purpose of da ball......
ok....why am i so stupid as to follow da girl...y cant i wake up?!
cant i just wake da hell up?!
wats wit da scene changin everytime?!
6. The place is filled with creepy looking people and the girl runs into the crowd and you can`t find her anymore. A man approches you and holds a loaded gone up to your head and prepares to shoot. What do you do?
wtf?! why iz he shootin me?! he should shoot tat girl!!!
omg!!!! i would run away!!!
prepare myself for death
i would slap da crap outta him!!!! how dare he!!!
idk.....i would be panickin 2 much 2 think!!!
ok.....bye world.....
7. A fingle roar breaks the intense silence. Everyone turns and the guy puts his gun away. You turn aswell and see a giant beast standing there, glaring at you. "So, it has awakened." The man says. Then the beast attacks! It kills half the people there!
holy crap!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!
soooo tats wats awakened...oooohhhhh..i get it now...
wat happens next?
did the gun-man get killd? i hope he did!!
bye half of everbody else....
8. The monster kills the other half and is coming at you. It rears up and pinns you down. Holding your neck. The ball ryoko gave you rolled out of your pocket the monster looked over at it and fell backwards in shock. It screamed in pain.The monster....
wats wit da pic of da boy?
i lik da pic..oh and yea oooohhhh monster......ok
so da ball scares da monster?.....ok..wateva
dis makes no sense.....
sur.........ok.....y didnt i die?
wat does da ball do?!
9. The monster convulse once and then lies still. You walk over and see that the monster was dead. A voice whispers in your ear and says, "Now it rests. It has been fulfilled. Thank you, RingLeader." You are in sudden darkness and then.........
ur welcum?????
y am i RingLeader?
ringleader? it makes no sense......but ok
wow...my dreams r weird........
the moster is gone so y cant i wake da hell up?!
10. You open your eyes to find that you are in your bedroom and something appears/or happens.......oh and comment and rate? (u hav to get to da end 2 c wat happens)
not a member srry......
lalalalala lalalalala hey ey hey goodbye....oh umm.....idk..so...bye........

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Created on:1/29/2010 5:28:42 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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