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Are you weird?
Find out if you are average, weird, creepy, or cool.

1. Someone is picking their nose. You...
Point it out to everyone, embarrassing the other person
You whisper the the news to your friends, who spread the message
You think bad thoughts but don`t tell anyone
You come up and tell the person off for picking their nose
2. You`re most likely to...
Randomly start dancing crazily in class
Make fun of the nerd who sits next to you
Stay quiet and pay attention to the teacher
Whisper about someone behind their back to the person who sits next to you
3. Do you fart in public?
Of course, but I can`t help it!
Yeah, it`s funny to watch people look at me weird.
No way, gross!
Sometimes, not usually. I can hold it in.
4. Someone is having a party this Friday night and you`re not invited. You...
Cry and make a big deal out of it
You`re hurt, but you shrug it off
You look online and find the person`s address. Then you come, and crash the party.
You get revenge by having your own party, and not inviting the person who didn`t invite you
5. How many friends do you have?
I have 1, we`re best friends!
I have no friends.
I have a few friends. A couple of them are really good friends.
Are you kidding? I have a buttload of friends! Everyone loves me.
6. What music do you listen to?
Pop. Justin Bieber and One Direction all the way!
I listen to country.
I like the Blues and Jazz and Retro style music.
I don`t like music.
I like all music, as long as the singer sounds good.
7. You would define yourself as...
Pretty cute
Okay, I guess
Ugly, really ugly looking
8. Your grades are...
All A`s, I`m a great student and I`m smart.
A`s and B`s, I`m ok at school
C`s and D`s, once I got a B, I think
Mostly F`s school sucks
9. If a fat person asked you if they were fat, you`d say...
Yeah, but don`t sweat it.
No, you`re just chubby.
You`re skinny!!!
10. Do you like One Direction? (This will not affect your score in any way)
Yeah, I`m totally in love with 1D!!! I`ll take your Directioner quiz!
Their cool. I`ll take the short quiz, why not?
Their ok, I`ve seen better.
I hate them!!!

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Created on:12/15/2012 9:59:57 AM
Made by:Qiandai

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