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Are You Weird?
Wanna find out if your weird? Then look no further! just take this quiz to find out!

1. do you speak to yourself?
ya! how did you know that?
eh, i think outloud.
no. never, whats wrong with you??
2. Do you people call you weird and crazy?
yeah all the time! how did ya know?
some times ^.^
how rude!!!
3. do you laugh outloud for no reason or for a reason thats in your head?
yupp! infact, i am now!
only if im thinking of something really funny you??? O.o
4. why are you taking this quiz?
to prove im: eccentric, crazy, weird.
to prove im a little crazy! :D
i was bored. -_- we done yet?
5. what do you do when people call you eccentric?
Totally take it as a compliment.
glad they dont think im a clone. hehe
they dont call me eccentric. as i said are we done yet??!?!
yay! what?
-_- goodnight! ZZZzzZzZZZZ

About This Quiz
Times Taken:4,723
Created on:7/14/2012 10:44:23 PM
Made by:WeirdSkies

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