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How weird are you?
Be honest! This could actually be informative! (e)

1. Where should cheeze wiz really go?
On a cracker
on all food
in your nose
in your belly button.
2. What should you kiss?
Another person
My pet.
My hand... What!? Good practice!
Banana slugs
3. How do you best utilize your computer?
I use it for homework and fun stuff
I use it for taking online quizes
I use it for a clock
I use it to hold my papers down
4. Is it okay to fart during class?
I try not to. it stinks
um...if its the quiet kind.
Only if its good timing.
Oh, heck yes! Always funny!
5. If I say banana, you...
say nothing, you just stare at me then walk away.
smile and say"banana!"
Get wide eyed, and shout "BANANA!"
Look bored and say,"duh, of course banana!"
6. Do you think you are weird?
No, I guess not
only a little on some occasions
yah. Most of the time, probably.
If I said I wasn`t, I`d be lying

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Created on:5/22/2007 12:06:59 AM
Made by:Smartaleck

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