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which weezer song are you?
of the grand total of three ive heard.

1. okay, um, fave color?
all of them
2. okay, what would the video for your song be like?
at the playboy mansion surrounded by tons of hot guys/girls.
telling some kind of story
tons of youtube spoofs
3. what would the message of your song be?
rebellion, not caring about opinions.
wanting something more out of life
fear of failure and loneliness
4. who would you want to star in your videos?
elisha cuthbert(think girl next door, house of wax)
tons of youtube regulars
playboy bunnies
5. which lyrics relate to you more?
I wanna live a life like that I wanna be just like a king
There`s the pitch, slow and straight All I have to do is swing and I`m a hero But I`m a zero
I’mma do the things that I wanna do I ain’t got a thing to prove to you
6. if someone gave you a chance to be everything you wouldnt to be, but theres a chance you might lose it all, would you take it?
7. do people tell you what to do alot?
8. do you wish your life was better?
9. are you okay with who you are?

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Created on:6/30/2008 8:40:13 PM
Made by:kenzielee

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