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What type of weather are you  quiz. A bunch of different atmospheric conditions   xD Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What type of weather are you?
A bunch of different atmospheric conditions...xD

1. If you got into a fight with your best friend, the first thing you would do afterwards is...?
Immediately try to make up with them, hugging and being all positive-like!
Shrug it off and give your friend a few days to calm down, then try to talk!
Leave them alone and wait for them to make the first healing move!
Go blow off some steam by running or doing something active, then go talk to your friend!
Stary angry at your friend for awhile, then go forgive them!
2. You go camping with your family! The thing you want to do most is...?
Play outside for as long as you can!
Stay in your tent a read a book!
Go for a boat ride in the lake!
Go explore all the surounding woods!
Go make a campfire at night!
3. It`s movie day! You pick the movie...?
With a happy ending!
With a twisted, changing storyline!
With a tragic plot and a few deaths!
With a bunch of action!
With a clear conflict, and tons of adventure!
4. What type of treat would you choose for yourself (out of these)?
The chips, all different flavours!
The chocolate, classic and always yummy!
Licorice, especially the ones with stronger flavour!
A bunch of different gummy candies!
The popcorn, all fluffy and blown up!
5. Finally...The word that describes you the LEAST is...?
Easy to read! (yes, more than one word...feel the rebel)
Sweet to all (again...too much rebel for one night xD)

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