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What kind of weather are you?
What kind of weather is your personality? (e)

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Read. Write.
Go hiking, go bikeriding.
Be at one with nature, go on a walk.
Do something dangerous, but exciting.
Go shopping, Go to the beach.
2. What do you want most from life?
Attaining a high level of spirituality.
Experiencing every emotion. Intensity.
Peace within yourself and life.
Dangerous, exciting and thrilling experiences.
3. Which choice of animals are you most attracted to?
A panther, owl, jaquar.
Lion, Dog,Eagle
Peacock,Tiger, Shark
Puupy, Bird, Butterfly
4. What career would you most likely persue?
Poet, Astrologer
Scientis, Astronomer
Therapist, Painter
Skydiving instructer, Bungee jumping instructer.
Veterinarian, Kindergarten teacher.
5. Your biggest fault?
Depressed, lonely
Explosive, your moods change suddenly
Too procrastinating, passive.
You act first, think later.
too carefree, you dont tend to your responsibilities.
6. You best quality?
Wise, spiritual
Loyal, understanding
Kind, patient.
Exciting, interesting
Positive, optimistic
7. Tie braker, pick one!
Tranquil ocean

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