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What type of weather are you  quiz. If you were weather what would you be  rain  snow  lightning and thunder  find out here Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What type of weather are you?
If you were weather what would you be? rain, snow, lightning and thunder? find out here!

1. Personlity trait #1...
Happy (hee! :) )
laid-back, cool
athletic, strong
manipulative through beauty
fun, adventurous
2. You are at a party. The first thing you say to the host is:
`hey! I`m SOOO glad you`re doing this it`s gunna rock!` *Bright eager smile*
`hey, are my other friends here yet?`
`yo, wheres the baseball game?`
`hi, so...watsup?`
3. you wake up and have two minutes to pick out an outfit. what is it?
girl: a bright yellow T with a sun on it
girl: baggy baby blue top and skinny jeans
something funky and fun
a slim strapless dress
guys: baseball shorts and a t
guy: tight skinny jeans and a sweatshirt
4. you like people who...
are funny and always smiling :)
are cool, relaxed
are athletic and strong
are in charge and attractive
are just normal and fun to be around
5. `hey i hate what you`re wearing. you look like s***`
`oh, well, my sister made it for me and i PROMISED i`d wear it :) im sure you understand` *beams*
`oh, i know.` and then continues on unphased, still cool
`i`ll make your face look like s***!"
`ehem...would you like to fix it for me?` *acts hot, phasing the person who said the insult`
*says nothing*
6. sports are...
my life
so fun!!! but i don`t play much. I just like to encourage others!!
cool i guess
so below me...i`d rather shop
fun :)
7. pick one that sounds like you
always smiling!
easy to work with
short tempered, fitness guy-gal
beautiful, a bit bratty...
idk...im kinda bored with this
8. people who are happy...
are my bfffssss!!!
are cool, but i prefer a calmer setting
are too gay...get some toughness into you
are weird. they`ve gotta learn to be smooth and sexy
9. you like to...
go with the flow
get what you want
be in charge and be fit
always look on the positive side of things!
just be nice...walk with confidence and stay calm, keep composure
10. will you comment? (DOES ACTUALLY AFFECT HEHEHEH)
oh sure! i always comment! it`s the nicest thing...
sure...i like commenting on quizzes
oh shutup
ha...poor girl..ive gotta check my hair in the mirror
maybe...to be vague haha

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