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Are we soul mates?
Find out if you're my soul mate

1. Lets just say Titanic was my all time favorite movie in the WORLD and I watched in daily...yes, 4 hours of a ship sinking, DAILY. Would you watch it with me?
Anything for you, m` dear lady
I would watch it the first couple times, but after a while I would say enough is enough
I hate that movie, Leo is a fag, the ship sinks, I`m not wasting my time
2. I love my dog Casey, ALOT, she`s like my little baby. Would you baby her too because it would be super cute?
I love dogs, too, so yes I would
It`s just a dog, it should be treated like a dog
Hello no! I`m not gonna look like a fruit
3. What is your favorite color?
Blues and greens
Yellows and reds
Blacks and your face is gonna be because I`m a wife beater
4. My sister is an emotional wreck, so sometimes I have to go over there after work and on my days off when it`s supposed to be our time. Would this make you mad?
It would irritate me to a point because I want to spend time with you
I would get a little mad, but I would hang out with the boys so it wouldn`t be a big deal
I wouldn`t get mad, I`d understand that blood is thicker than water
5. A really hot girl walks by while we`re at the mall shopping. I`m looking at clothes so I don`t notice...would you look?? (Honestly is the best policy)
No, I wouldn`t even glance at her
I would look up and smile, but that would be the extent of it
I would look up and check her out, I can look but can`t thouch, right?
6. The last question, do you want to get married one day and have kids?
No, I want to party hardy and never settle down
I`m a gigalo, I don`t believe in marriage and certainly I don`t want kids, they`ll slow me down
I would if I met the right person; I love kids so I do want them one day

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Created on:4/7/2007 1:37:49 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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