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Would we make a good couple?
Another dating quiz! This one is just for fun, I already have a girlfriend, but I felt left out. :P

1. What would I like most about you?
I`m quirky and fun.
My boobs. (You`re a guy).
My boobs. (I have awesome boobs).
I`m smart and funny.
I`m sweet and shy.
I`m loving and caring.
2. Ok, rather than ask you about your ideal guy. Picture to the left. Hot or not?
Very hot! Yum!
Hot. :)
Kinda cute.
Not really my type.
I`m gonna be sick.
3. What do you go out with guys for?
All the no strings attached sex!
Wedding bells, 2.4 kids, kitties!
Just, because, you know?
4. Who wears the pants in your relationships?
The guy does. I like a man who can take control.
I do! I`m a modern woman who knows what she wants!
No-one! In a good relationship we are both equal.
Neither! (Wink wink ;))
5. What do you want me to have the most?
A good job, house, etc.
A six pack, big biceps.
A caring personality. Looks after me and spoils me a little. Gives me his coat when I`m cold. Etc.
Chivalry. Holds doors open for me, that sort of thing.
Smart, witty, good sense of humour.
6. They change the laws due to a shortage of men. All men are now allowed two wives. You say "You can have one if......"
"...she`s not as pretty as I am."
"... it`s something you really really really really want."
"...I can have a second husband."
"... you want your nuts handed to you in a jar."
7. I like videogames, dungeons and dragons, fantasy novels, and math.
Ewwww! Nerd!
Awwww. Nerd!
Hmmph. Nerd.
Yayyyy! Nerd!
The correct term is geek. He didn`t mention any star trek or programming.
8. How geeky/nerdy are you on a scale of 1-10?
Omg like zero, loser!
On a hexidecimal scale of 1 to 10, I`m an E!
42. ;)
Pi. :)
4. With a gap in between. (Live long and prosper).
9. How much makeup do you wear? (Honestly).
Lipstick, blusher, foundation, eyeliner, the works. I like to make an effort.
As little as possible. I just put on one thing.
None. For special occassions I do though.
I put on one thing. For special occassions I go all out though.
10. I come home from work one day really down and say "You know what, I hate my job, I`m quitting. We can stay with my parents for 6 months until I find something better." You say:
Like hell! Get off your ass and get back to work!
I know how you feel but you really have to stick with it.
Ok, if you think that`s what`s best for the both of us I trust you.
I really don`t want you to, but in the end it`s your decision.
This is our life now, not just yours, I should get a say in this too!
11. Favourite colour. (Had to add it. :))

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Created on:4/19/2007 8:10:20 PM
Made by:Baalthazaq

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