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Could you be my bf/gf?
I wonder how many people will get the outcome i expect...

1. What is you nature?
I`m mostly very calm and understanding.
I`m talking like an idiot. I joke a lot and like to have fun.
I`m very outgoing and wild, but sometimes need time for myself.
I`m quiet, dark, and open up only for my friends.
I don`t show my feelings very often, but when I do I`m very good company.
2. If I told you I like you VERY much (and you liked me too), what would be your reaction?
I`d kiss you.
I`d hold your hand and say yes.
I wouldn`t know what to say.
I`d hug you.
I`d do some of the above at the same time ;)
3. You need to know though, I`m bi and I really do care about it ... :/
It`s ok, I`m not homophobic...
Well, that`s ok but I don`t wanna talk about it.
Sure, no prob.
Ewwww.... (don`t pick this one :/)
Awww... you opened up!
4. What`s your favourite colour? Just kidding :) ... Actually why did you take the quiz!
For you of course me: I don`t believe you
Because it`s interresting me: still don`t believe you...
Cuz I`m bored -.- me: That`s more reasonable ^^
5. How do you look like?
6,0-taller thin/slim
Average(5,5-6,0), thin/slim
Short (5,0-5,5), thin/slim
Tall, bit overweight
Average, bit overweight
Short, bit overweight
Tall, hot/muscular body
Average, hot/muscular body
Short, hot/ muscualr body
6. What`s the color of you eyes?
each eye different colour
7. Ok these questions didn`t count after all :P Sorry, looks do matter but still... I have to be honest... Say hi to Paris XD
Hey, I LOVE Paris Hilton. You`re stupid me: sorry ur right :/
Hahaahah, that`s funny me: also :P
8. Ok, but forget Paris. You`re almost done. Couple of things I need to know first. I hate my smile, it`s just.. bleh...
Don`t worry, looks don`t matter
So what? Cheer up!
Don`t worry, my smile`s enough for us both :D
9. I like spending time with my friends but I`m really kinda lonesome. If I told you to go away would you listen to me?
Yes, sometimes people need some time alone.
No, I`d stay and wait until you tell me what`s wrong.
I`ll talk you in telling me what`s wrong.
I`d hug you and walk away.
I`d hug you and stay.
10. I`m kind of a dreamer at times and I tend to forget important stuff like... your birthday (ask my ex- >.>). If I forgot yours what would you do?
Smack you! DUH
I don`t know yet....
I`d TRY to forgive you
I would forget yours too
I would dump you!
11. What label-sort-of-thing are you? I hate labels myself but I have to ask.
norma; me: what does that even mean? o.O
just different... <<< pick this one lol<<<
12. Last thing... Ever since I was heartbroken I`m not able to fall in love. Is that a BIG problem?
Yes it is :/
I don`t know
Well, let me think about it
No, it`s not
13. Lucky numb3r 13! Will you rate and/or comment pls?
I will...
I won`t...

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Created on:11/20/2008 11:12:07 AM
Made by:JackerK

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