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Could we date  guys only please  quiz. Yes you probably hate this type of quizzes  but I m just doing it for fun Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Could we date? guys only please.
Yes you probably hate this type of quizzes, but I'm just doing it for fun!

1. What typeof girls do you like? (even if you don`t like stereotipes please answear)
Tomboys (though girls)
Smart girls
Preppy girls
Slutty girls
2. Would you ever cheat on me after saying "I love you"?
If I said I loved you I meant it, so I wouldn`t do it.
No, I wouldn`t cheat on you.
Did I really say "I love you"? I don`t know
Maybe, I mean if the other girl is hotter.
Yes, I mean who cares if I said that I loved you.
3. Your fighting a guy who won`t leave you alone, out of nowhere his girlfriend comes out and stars slapping you, I jump in and fight her, how do you feel.
Smile and be thankful about me, but keep fighting!
Glad that I have your back.
Feel a little embarrased but are thankful.
Your not really happy, you rather finish this problem on your own.
You don`t like that I`m doing this at all!!!!
4. Would we ever talk...but more than just relationship problems (which I sometimes find boring)
Sure, talk and listen!
I could listen but I`m not really a talkative guy.
Don`t we have better stuff to do? I mean if I have to yeah, but really.
I don`t think so
Why do we need to talk if were going out?
5. We got to the movies and I arrive an hour late, how do you react?
You say whatever and we go to the movies, you kept yourself pretty bussy untill I came.
You get mad at me and say that you rather go home now, but then call me back the next day.
Your mad at me for been so late but you decided to go to the movies anyways and get past it.
You feel frustrated at first but forgive me after I say I`m sorry and explain what happend.
You freak out and you don`t call me back for weeks.
6. Would you like me for who I am?
Sure..I guess.
Of course I would.
Well, maybe.
Once we both know each other...of course I would.

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Created on:2/22/2008 6:49:17 PM
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