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Could we be friends?
It's just for fun, don't hate me.

1. Ok first off, are you prejudice?
No, for the most part.
No, but I have my moments...
I think that all people should be trated equally, I mean were all human.
Yes, got a problem with it!!!
2. Do you want Barack Obama to win for president?
No, well maybe, I rather have John Mcain.
Yes, I think he has great ideas.
No, I think Hillary Clinton should win, she`s way better.
Maybe, I think he would do good.
I really don`t care.
3. Do you like to read?
Yes, everything and anything!
No, why the hell do people need to read for?
Nah, only if I have to.
Yes, but more fiction than anything.
Yes, I like to discuss books as well.
4. What is your favorite type of music? (yes I know I ask this one a lot, but still)
Rock (metal, or punk, or any other rock music)
Hip Hop
Classical music (or orchesta music, which isn`t always the same thing)
5. Which one of the following musical celebrities do you like the most?
Hanna Montana
50 cents
The Jonas Brothers
Fall Out Boy
Guns n Roses (original)
My Chemical Romance
Jessie Mcartney
6. Do you play video games?
Yes, they are a form of art and are very complex and awsome to make,but I dont like ALL of them.
No, I find them pointless and stupid.
Their ok, I`m just not a big fan of them.
Yes, I like all sorts of them.
No, they inflict violence to kids.
7. Watch this video: what do you think?
It`s fake, you can tell he`s not playing at all.
Love the song!!! *starts dancing* what about him, he`s just a poser
Uhm ok, whatever that guy is stupid.
He`s doing pretty good.
8. Now watch this video: or even a pice of it, what do you think?
Wow, he`s really good, I mean wow, nothing like the poser guy before.!
Awesome, he`s so freaking cool right there!
He sucks...
what an idiot.
9. Ready for the results (won`t affect outcome, I swear)
Ok whatever.
Yes, I want to see....
I`ll just click the thing see what I get.

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Created on:3/8/2008 8:02:14 PM
Made by:RikkuRebeca

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