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Could we be friends?
Find out of we should be friends or avoid eachother!

1. How well do you get along with others?
good most of the time
not all that well
2. I am a bit of a mystery, and dont like to give out personal info. Are you cool with that?
no not really
its fine, but i sometimes spill
I am 100% cool with that. I can be the same way
3. I am totally a girli girl. How do you feel about that?
not to good
I`m not a girli girl, but i am ok if u r
im fine with it
4. I do not come on here to get a boyfriend. This is not a dating website
Awsome. I feel the same way
What is the point of even going online if your not gettin a date?
I sometimes feel that way.
5. I am obssed with the show "H2O just add water". Sometimes i talk about it. Is that ok with you?
N to the O
ya im ok with it
You are?! Omg! Me to! *me: awsome!*
6. What kind of music to you listen to?
Pop and/or country
Hard rock
7. It doesnt take much to upset me
you cry baby *me: your only sayin that to make yourself look better*
Oh thats ok! I try to be nice so you dont have to worry about that
If a mean thing slips out, i`m sorry

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Created on:8/15/2009 7:13:32 PM
Made by:writerchick

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