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Could we be friends?
Well could we?

1. What kinda things do you like to do in your free time?
listen to music/hang with friends
go shopping!!!!
terrorize little kids
watch movies
2. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
3. Would you be mad if I ditched you to hang out with my boyfriend?
well yeah!!*sob*
i wouldn`t care. i`d find something else to do
4. What would you do if I ignored you for a long time?
whatever i don`t care...
ask what`s wrong
punch me
5. Do you like the Twilight books?
no they suck!!!!
they were amazing!!!
they were alright...
never read them (well you should)
never heard of them (WHAT?!?!)
6. If I was having family problems would you cancel plans with someone else to help me out?
hell no!
well... i already planned with someone else
of course^_^
7. Oh yeah very important... do you like animals and/or the environment?
I love them!
Kill all animals!!!!!!!!
eh *drops garbage on the ground*
Hey WAIT!! Recycle that!!!!! *runs after the litterer*
8. As much as i despise labels with every fiber of my being... what are you considered?
normal (yeah right)
A mix of everything!^_^
i`m just me
9. If you were having a party and i couldn`t go because i had to go to my grandma`s house, would you be mad?
of course not!
yeah! just dump ur granny!
eh, i`ll be fine
10. If I told you that i was in a car accident or i got my pants stuck to the door or i broke my arm because i tripped, would you laugh at me?
No! That is horrible!
Well i`d laugh but only at the pants
i`d only laugh at you tripping
i`d only laugh at the car accident (me:well that`s mean)
I`d totally laugh at you!!!! (you are a serious meanie!)
11. Last question, will you pm me if you get that we can be friends?
sure^_^ i`d love to be friends with you!
ummm maybe
nope! (me: you are mean!)

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Created on:11/28/2008 3:53:18 PM
Made by:Florida_Wolf

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