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Would we be frens? (spelled that wrong on purpose)
Ey fren! Would we be frens?

1. Do people know who you are? (ex. do they know your name)
Yeah, I`m super popular.
No, not really. I`m fine with the friends I already have.
Yeah, but I don`t really know them that well.
Nope. I don`t have many friends, either.
2. What kind of personality do you have.
Super outgoing. Almost everyone knows me.
I`m more introverted. I only have a few friends and I don`t like being in the spotlight.
Meh. Pretty chill, but people know my name.
Really hyperactive. Most people think that I`m kinda annoying.
3. Any talents?
No, not really.
Yeah, I can sing and dance a little.
Man, don`t get me started. I am super smart, and I can do all kinds of things.
4. What kind of things interest you?
Really nerdy stuff. Anime, Rubiks Cubes, Pi, stuff like that.
SPORTS. I LOVE SPORTS. Whether it`s soccer, or tchoukball.You name it
Eh. Nothing much. I`m just kinda trying to find my true interest.
5. LET FATE DECIDE!!! (sorry, had to do it.)

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Created on:5/11/2016 7:35:54 PM
Made by:DragonPerson

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