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Would we be besties?(~YAY~)
Im mostly everyones bestie anytway x33.

1. What do you think as fun?
Tricking people.
Laughing and going out and just makeing FUNN!
Nuthing just nuthing,
2. Would we go do crazy things for fun?
YUPP of cousre!
3. Do you give your friends nick names? (Lol)
Yes. :D
No not reallly. :/
4. Whats your fav Color?
Black and Bloody red
Pink and green.
Dark purple
5. Would you help me with my Hw? (CHEET! Hehe)
Yup thats wat friends do! SORT OF!
No do it yourself!
I guess i could.
6. Would you help me do a random Quiz? (To make it more silly and entrtaining)
Hell ya i would. :3
Sure. x3
7. If you got a bf/gf Would you brag about him/her to me?
ya. I would sit and tell you how cool he/She is!!
I wouldnt brag just maybe bring it up.
I wouldnt say anything...

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Created on:10/17/2008 2:32:39 PM
Made by:deathblood

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