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Could we be the best of friends?

1. If we were at the mall not for shopping but for just messing around what would we do?
Go to hotopic and pic stuff to try out and take pics.
go shopping and shop for cute pinkyy clothes!!
Hand around and sort of chat.
2. If i were running around in public place giggleing and laughing would you be embarassed of me?
"No, actually id join YOU!"
"Yes, Stop acting like a child!!"
"Sort of, But i would just sit and watch."
3. If there was a guy who we both liked, What would we do?
We could just forget about him, He wouldnt be worth the end of our friendship!
I`d take him and forget about you.
Im not sure wat i`d do....
4. Do you like crazy people?
Haha Yes, I am crazyy As well!
No Being crazyy is stupid!!
Sure sometimes.
5. What kinda music?
Metal,Screamo and that.
Rock & Roll.
6. Do you like anime?
Hell Ya!! Its awesome<3
Eww, No.
I sort of like it. :}
7. Do you mind if i get random?
Nah, If you get random I do to x3
Your Stupid!! Be smart. No random!
I am sometimes i guess lol.
8. Last question, Will you rate/Coment?{Does not Effect}

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Created on:11/25/2008 6:39:51 PM
Made by:deathblood

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