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Could we be best friends  quiz. you want to know if your my favourite bestie   take this quiz and find out     e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Could we be best friends?
you want to know if your my favourite bestie?? take this quiz and find out!! (e)

1. whats your favourite colour??
bright colours!!
pink and purple
dark colours
2. what is your favourite food??
dango, milk, fish
icecream and sweet stuff
anything nice, dont know, dont care
3. do you like dango??
yea of course i looovvveee them their yummy!!
looks good
what the hell is it??(me:food) hell nooo
4. do you like cute things
yea of course who wouldnt awwww thats soo cute!!
yea it depends
no i hate it its the worst thing ever.. ewww revolting
5. do you like foxes??
i looovee them the best animal ever although i lovve heaps of animals
i hate foxes, i hate animals and i hate you
yea some i guess
6. do you like dinosaurs
yes yes yes i looovvee them because they are cute
yea, they`re all right
no i hate dinosaurs
7. please comment and rate
yea sure i will you rock i love your quizzes
noo way as l said before i hate you... a lot

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Times Taken:2,011
Created on:1/13/2008 11:53:08 PM
Made by:dango_rox

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