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Are We Anything Alike  quiz. I m known to be a wierd person and sometimes I can t tell my friends or people how I really feel in fear of them thinking I m sick or something  This is just a quiz to see if we re anything alike and if you would be able to relate to me Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are We Anything Alike?
I'm known to be a wierd person and sometimes I can't tell my friends or people how I really feel in fear of them thinking I'm sick or something. This is just a quiz to see if we're anything alike and if you would be able to relate to me.

1. Food?
2. Color?
3. When talking to a person, does your brain just go blank sometimes and you stand there and stare making the other person uncomfortable as well as yourself? Your body doesn`t respond basically?
Yeah and I hate it! It`s awkward just standing there like that
Sometimes. It depends on the situation, like if I run out of things to say or don`t know what to say
No...why would I do something like that and have the person look at me wierd?
4. Do you sometimes have the need to shout out something random, just to get it out of your system?
Definitely! It sucks when you want to say something really bad and you keep it in
Again, it depends. Sometimes I won`t say anything at all.
I never shout out anything random cuz I never have anything random to say.
Sometimes. Like when it`s too quiet and I can`t stand it or something.
5. No matter how old or mature you get, do you still feel or act like a child?
I don`t think my childishness will ever really go away
I may or may not act like a child. It depends on the situation and where I`m at
I`m beyond the child stage. I`m a mature person who has no time for foolishness
6. When you`re mad, do you sometimes say things or do things that are irrational?
All the time. I just want to vent. I don`t care whether it makes sense or not
When I`m upset I like to be alone. I tend to not talk to anyone nor do I want anyone bothering me
I`m rational even when I`m mad.
7. Ok this is a very wierd (and maybe sick) question, but I`m going to ask anyway for the heck of it. Does the sight of blood turn you on (and not in a nasty way either or in a killer way)?
Yeah it kinda does. It makes me feel many things at once
Uhh...maybe? I`m not sure. Sometimes I get queasy when I look at it and other times I`m fine
Do I look like some kind of freak to you? What kind of sick question is that?! (me: Calm down)
8. Would you ever consider taking me to your prom?
I don`t see the harm in doing so, so sure!
I`m not really into stuff like that, but whatever. Yeah, you can come. (me: Thank you!)
You`re a little too wierd for me, so I don`t think so.
Let me get back to you... (me: I`m not going anywhere)
9. If I had a very serious issue and I needed you, would you be there for support?
Just call me and I`ll be there before you can say... (me: I get it. Thank you)
I may not be able to get to you right away, but you can be sure I`ll be there.
Suck it up and deal with it. You`re not the only one with issues.
10. If I was slow in answering or understanding a question (for whatever reason) would you call me stupid or insult me?
Naw! I couldn`t do that to you.
Hey, everyone has their `slow` days. Maybe you just had a hard day or you`re just tired?
Uh, yeah! That question was so simple that a toddler could answer it. (me: It wasn`t THAT simple!)
11. Well, that`s all I have for now. I tried thinking of more questions but I couldn`t think of anymore at the moment. So, will you rate or comment or both?
12. As a last thought, I hope I didn`t freak you out too much with question number 7.
You`re cool man. I ask a lot of wierd questions myself.
Just a little but you`re alright.
That question sucked and this quiz sucks!

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Created on:5/7/2010 12:06:31 PM
Made by:Lonewolf188

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