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What water element should you rule?
Sorry this quiz is kinda long and deep...

1. The bitter cold swirls around your nose, making it numb and completely uncomfortable. You would rather be inside at home warming your feet by the crackling fire-place, but instead you are lost out in the city in freezing weather. You feel…
... cold, duh!
... annoyed.
... unhappy.
... numb.
... jealous of people who are warm.
... scared. I`m lost!
2. Suddenly a snowflake gently drops into your hand. However, the clouds aren’t gray, and the weathermen didn’t predict snow. You look around and no other flakes are dropping. You look hardly at the frozen crystal and see…
... sparkles.
... colors.
... a rainbow.
... love. I can`t explain it. I see love!
... death.
... what do I see? A snowflake! (I`m a skeptic)
3. You jump with astonishment with what you have just seen – did that really just happen? You get a shiver up your spine with excitement and curiosity. You look at the flake again, and this time it appears to be sparkling different colors! You think…
... how beautiful!
... how interesting!
... how exciting!
... how curious...
... how NOT REAL!!
... how... cool!
4. You hear a voice… but it’s not human. It sounds like an echo or an angel… but whatever it is, it is definitely not anything that you’ve heard before. It says, “Clasp the snowflake in your hands tightly, and wait.” You feel...
... scared.
... excited.
... bored.
... adventurous.
... impatient. I don`t want to wait!
... who just said that. This is just a dream...
5. You wonder what’s going to happen, for it seems like you’ve been waiting for a while. Suddenly you get a feeling that something is going to happen – and a strong feeling. __________ goes around you, and then everything goes dark. (Fill in the blank)
A swirl
A rainbow
A light
6. You open your eyes, and you see snowy mountains stretching forever and they are as white as the clouds. Robins jump from tree to tree. You reply to this joyful feeling by...
... smiling? How else?
... sighing with happiness.
... dancing.
... lying down and falling flat in the snow.
... running.
... joyful? What in the world is happening?!
7. You hear a familiar voice. The one with the echo voice! You look above you and see an indigo blue angel. She smiles and says, “You may need a power for the journey ahead.” You think...
... journey? What journey?
... oh, boy... another adventure.
... ooh exciting!
... a power!!! Cool!!
... who`s talking to me?
... yeah right this could never happen in real life!
8. She lets you choose an element power… the inner power that lives deep within your soul. What do you choose?
9. You see something creeping in the shadows. You shiver with fear, and your afraid that this creature could be evil, but you go to see what it is. The movement comes from behind a tree, so you look behind the tree and see...
... a wolf.
... a tiger.
... an arctic fox.
... a cougar.
... a polar bear.
... a snow leapord.
10. His name is Fang, and he is here to help you do what you need to do. He says, “There is a diamond that looks ______________ and a monster is after it. The monster looks like a werewolf… but it’s actually called a Starnight. (Fill in the blank)
Blue and spakly
Green and shiny
Red and bright
Black and dark
Purple and shiny
White and bright
11. The Starnight (named Shadow) can’t have the diamond because if he breaks it, the world explodes! Because of this you understand that the diamond holds the earth together, and without it, we’d all die. You feel…
... worried.
... scared.
... nervous.
... adventurous.
... excited.
... amazed.
12. Fang tells you that he and the angel believe in you, and that they chose you because you have courage, confidence, and an adventurous soul. Do you agree with that?
Maybe. Possibly.
No but I`ll just pretend it`s true!
13. "Follow me!” Fang says. You run through trees, walk on logs on rivers, and climb rocks for what seems like hours. You are at the top of the mountain. As you look down everything is white… except for one cave buried in the shadows.
Come on continue!!!
Is it over yet?
14. “Use your powers,” Fang says, “to fly over there.” (For example: if you are air use wind to lift you up). You fly; dodging trees and clouds and birds, and eventually you reach the cave. It is pitch black inside, and you are…
... afraid.
... stimulated.
... unhappy. Do I absolutely HAVE to go in there?
... brave and ready for this.
... a coward and not ready for this.
... eager. This is gonna be so fun!
15. You walk inside, and you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! You start to see a light in front of you. Was the cave this big on the outside? You walk into the light, and you see the Starnight. You think…
... oh my gosh! It`s the starnight!
... thank god it`s bright now. I hate the dark!
... darnet I hate light. Bring on the dark!
... oh no. I`m gonna die!!! I`m GONNA DIE!!!!
... bring it on Mr. Starnight. BRING IT ON!!!
... what`s gonna happen now? I`m so curious!
16. He gives out a fierce, strong growl, and you shoot use your powers to fight back. Just imagine that scene… because I can’t describe it if we all have different element powers.
OK sure!
17. In the end you win, and everyone is proud of you. You’ve saved the world (as corny as that sounds). Just one thing: if you comment/rate, everyone in this world will get free ice cream!!
OK sure I will. Bring the world more icecream!!
... yeah, right.

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