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Water, Earth, Fire or Air?
What natural element fits your personal character best?

1. Out of these, how would you describe yourself?
Too lovable :)
Kind, and soft
Defensive and willing to stand up for what I believe in
Angry and gray
Lively and fun
Talkative and loud
2. What atmosphere do you find yourself concentrating best in?
A quiet, serene atmoshpere, no disturbances
People talking to me, I can multitask
A loud and noisey atmosphere in which I provide the loud part
3. If a friend entrusts you with any object of importance to them, be it a waterbottle or a diary, would you keep it safe?
Watch over anything intensly
Sometimes....I have a life of my own to attend to as well...
It depends which friend it is...if they aren`t close, bad news will they recieve soon
4. If there is an enormous math test approaching do you study hard or slack off?
Study, very hard; become determained to ace the test
Study here...study there...
I never study
5. Are you on the quiet side or the noisest person?
Popular and talkative
Loud and lively
Only talking a little because you are focusing
6. What weather do you perfer?
Sunny and a clear sky
A sky with clouds here and there
Rain, I like water falling from the heavens
I`m fine with any weather-even a twister-it would be interesting for once
7. Where do you find your fun and enjoyment?
Studying and working on things
Reading, artistic activities
Shopping, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone
Spray painting my neighbor`s house
Partying, I`m the life of the party
8. What is your favorite element and which one do you think you relate to the most? (No effect on results)

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