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What car should you drive?  quiz. (Version 2.0 :D)
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What car should you drive?
(Version 2.0 :D) Find out what kind of car would be best for you to drive

1. Engine...
2. Interior...
Better than the rest of it, but still not too classy
It`s practically what I paid for!
Who cares? As long as I`m going fast, I don`t care what`s inside
3. Doors...
4 doors
2 doors
Awesome doors! The awesome ones that open all awesome like
4. Color...
Solid, simple color
Color that sticks out, but not too fancy
"Look at me" paint job, normally involving some sort of design, such as flames, or stripes
One of a kind paint job
5. Rims...
Yep... they came with the car....
Very shiny. Aftermarket
I don`t care! As long as the tires are fine, and the tires are rolling, really fast
Spinners.... oh...yes
6. Modifications...
Not really interested in it
Some, if I can afford it
As many as possible
It came as good as it gets
7. Nitrous Oxide...
No, thank you
Yes, please
Don`t need it
8. Total spent on car...
Past one million
9. Spoilers, body kits, etc....
No, I`m not showing my car off
Not very noticable, but it draws some attention to my car
As much as possible
My car doesn`t really need it
10. Gas mileage....
Less than 10
11. At a red light, the guy next to you revs his engine. What do you do?
Look at him, and move along with my life
Examine his car. If I think I can take him, I do so on the green light
Floor it on green. I know I could take him
12. What speed do you normally go?
Speed limit
A bit over the speed limit
I go over the speed limit all the time, and way over
I floor it, constantly
13. What is the primary use of your car?
To get around
Well, not only just to get around, but to speed, and have fun
To show off, and race
To floor it constantly
14. You get your paycheck at the end of the week. Where does your $500 dollars go?
Whatever needs paying, or I just save it
Upgrading my car
Paying off the hundreds of thousands of dollars I used on my gas guzzling, speeding ride
15. What company does your car most likely come from?
Toyota, Honda, Kia
Pontiac, Chevrolet, Nissan
Mercedes, Subaru, Mitsubishi
Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari

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Created on:5/1/2007 5:30:18 PM
Made by:AJaX31

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