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Wat Bleach couple are you?
You and your partner are a Bleach couple? Wich one?

1. You have a dream of your true love, wen you wake up you
Shake my head andtry not to think about it!
Put my heart to my chest and try to make sure that my heart dosen`t pound out of my chest,
Blush and think about my love for him/her
Grin and think of a way to tease him/her tomorrow
2. Oh no! Your true love is about to be attacked by a hollow! You
Jump in front, swing my sword around and yell at him/her about being stupid and needing protecting!
Jump in front and ask if he/she is ok,
Jump in front and warn the hollow to back off!
Jump in front and direct my partner on how to take care of the other hollow!
3. Your loved one is hurt! Wat do you do?!
Yell his/her name and go after the hollow enraged!
Finish the hollow off quickly and heal my partner!
Take out my revenge on the hollow and wait for help!
Take out the hollow and heal my loved one!
4. Your loved one is drowning and you have to give him/her CPR! Uh, awkward much? Wat do you do wen he/she wakes up?
Make sure he/she is ok and get up,
Blush and make sure he/she is ok before getting up!
Say, "Don`t do that again Idiot!" and get up!
5. Under the Miseltoe! And you
Kiss him/her wile blushing like crazy!
Kiss quickly and say, "Why is that thing even here?!"
Kiss him/her, wat else?
6. Your loved one is crying, you try to comfort him/her, but they yell at you, wat do you do?
My partner would never yell at me! He/ she is way to polite!
Say, "Dang it! Can`t you let me help you for ounce in your life?!" and hope it works,
Comfort him/her anyway, my partner didn`t mean it,
Demand an answer by saying, "Tell me, we`ve nowen eachother to long for this, don`t you think?"
7. Good job! Him/her is willing to talk to you, but, how do you comfort them about something like the death of a loved one?
Simply explain to my partner that it`s ok to cry,
Let him/her cry on my shoulder and remind him/her of good things
Remind him/her that everything is ok and not their fault,
Say, "Idiot, stop beating yourself up over this! It isn`t your fault! Understand?!"
8. So, wat, to you, would be the absolute way for your partner to say "I love you"?
If he told me about wat happened to his mother, and let me comfort him, it would be ultimate trust,
If she would stop calling that traitor "Captin Aizan!"!
If he would work together with Soul Reapers without question!
If she told me about wat happened to her leitenit and let me comfort her,
If he`d let me call him "Lil` Shiro,"
If she said that she fought to help me
If he said that I was right and he was wrong
If she would follow me everywere (although she already does)
9. Wat would be the best "I love you" gift?
A drawing that she did by herself, (even if she is a horrible artist)
A strawberry shapped necklace!
A ring with a peach on it
A glass dragon!
A stuffed kitty!
His hat!
A dress done just for me!
Anything from her heart
10. Finally, did you like my quize?
Only if it gives the right answer!
It was fun!
It gave me time away from the office!
Sure! There was nothing better to do!

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Created on:5/20/2008 8:08:01 PM
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