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What type of warship are you?
Figure out what kind of 20th century warship you are.

1. If there is a party, you will be?
In the center of it!
With my closest friends.
Talking to that new person.
Just off to the side.
2. You find that a charity project you wanted to attend is at the same time as a party your friends having, You would....
Go to the party, no sweat.
Attend the charity, you can meet your friends anytime.
I wouldn`t care less if I didn`t attend either.
3. You are one of the first to arrive at the scene of an accident,
You emmediatily take control of the situation, making sure everyone is doing something.
You make sure the victims are being properly treated.
Stand back as more people arrive on the scene.
4. You realize somebody just stole your wallet, but they are still present, you...
Make a scene.
Try to be stern with them, while not needlesly drawing attention to the intance.
Threaten them, so as to scare them to giving it back.
Call the police while keeping an eye on them.
5. You would describe yourself as...
Fun loving
6. If you had the day off, what would you spend it doing...
I would go hang out with my friends downtown.
Just stay home.
Visit that friend I haven`t seen in a while.
7. There are elections for that event your in, you would put yourself down for what position?
I dosen`t matter, as long as you get something
I wouldn`t put anything down.

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