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1. If you were to stumble upon a drowning cat from your enemy clan, what would you do?
Save the cat and invite it to your clan to get warm and have some fresh kill.
You save the cat, and then fight it.
You watch the cat drown and snicker as it dies.
You save the cat, when you find it has a paw with a thorn, you treat it well.
You walk by, save the cat, then count to three to let it get to it`s clan.
You save the cat, and hunt for some fresh kill to give to them.
2. You are taking a nice swim in the river, when you see a water vole on shore. What do you do?
Crawl out, not shaking the water from your fur, and start to stalk. Then you catch it, bring to pile
You crawl out and walk up to it. Then you shake your fur hoping to drown it.
You walk away, the hunters can get that.
You catch it and eat it, licking your lips, you catch and eat more and more
3. You are fighting, suddenly a group of cats surround your kits, your mate, your friend, and your leader. What do you do?
Keep fighting, let `em all die.
Save my love!!!
Save my kits!!!
Save my leader!!!
I prefer not to fight.
Save my friend!
Alarm everyone with a yowl, and save the nearest cat!!!
4. You are strolling on the forest floor when you hear a yowl from the cliff. You run to find a cat from another clan hanging over the edge, bleeding. What do you do?
I save the cat, and treat them with cobweb and some other "herbs".
I save the cat, then guide them to their clan.
I save the cat, and get help from the medicine cat!!!
I slip their claws off of the cliff and watch them fall to death.
I save the cat, least I could do.
I walk away.
5. Do you have kits?
Of course not! Against the code for me!!!
I hate everyone!!!
I rather not, it will get me off track.
6. Last Q: Where do you wanna live?
In a dark, creepy alleyway.
I love the simple plains!!!
In a nice cave that smells of marigold and dock.
I doesn`t matter for me.

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