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Which `Warriors` movie character are you?
a quiz showing which of the nine warriors you ar (e)

1. you get out of a subway station, there are 5 destroyers waiting and ready to rumble. what do you do?
jump back in the subway and hope they dont catch you
stand your ground and get ready to bop your way past
run past them hoping they wouldnt waste there time chasing you down
begin to fight hoping someone would come to break it up
call for the other warriors to make sure they all get wasted
2. you are with 5 other warriors and 15 destroyers approach you, what do ya do?
tell the warriors to soldier and waste em all
charge at them regardless of numbers
stand from afar and help once and a while
take off and hope the others follow
take out the leader and assume the rest will fall back
3. you find out that all the subways are closed and 3 rival gangs are on your tail. what do you do?
stick to the shadows until evrything simmers down
take command and lead the other warriors to safety
stay out in the open ready to bop anyone that stands in your way
spilit up and meet in another location
stay in large crowds so you arent recognized
4. you just discovered that a riot started and the streets are full of chaos and havoc, what do you do?
take the oppurtunity to your advantage and take what ya can while it lasted
send a scout to see whats left, then send the warriors to get what is needed
forget it assuming it is swarming with police by now
wait for someone to pass where you are and steal what ever they got
split up then regroup with what you could get your hands on
5. you discover that one of the warriors had supplied a rival gang with needed materials how do you handle the situation?
you let it slide then wait to see if he stops
you take out the traitor along with the gang that was being supplied
talk to the traitor and ask him to stop
take the traitors vest and beat the crap out of him
tell him to join the group he supplied
6. you go out on patrol with the warriors, when you come back you realize your pad has been destroyed by the hi-hats. what do you do?
secretly go to there place and do the same
enter one of their paint competitions and ambush it
make rumors about them and send the word to the radio station
fight htem out in the open where everyone can see
destroy small businesses on their turf
7. you have been over thrown by your best friend. what do you do?
try to convince the others to get rid of him and let you back in
you make things personal and wreck all of them for not backing you up
start a bigger stronger gang to get rid of them
let it go
complain to the others and try and make a point
8. you get a new member to your gang but he doesnt like to listen, how do you handle the situation?
tell him to soldier or get out
kick him out
fight him and then kick him out
talk to him and try to make him listen
send him to another gangs turf on a fake mission and let him get wrecked

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