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What Kind of Warrior are you?
I dunno doesn't the tytle say enough?

1. What is dearest to you...
My honor
My princess/prince
keepin my city clean
Protecting my King and/or Queen
Serving Elyon to the fullest(AMEN!)
... All of the above?
2. ... and if that were taken away?
I beat the crap out of the nearest twerp!
I`d Kill myself
I`d go hurt the one responcible
ummm not sure... probably find a new gig
Find a new King/Queen
Hide away until needed again
3. What kind of weopon do you want to use
Some High tech gadget no ones Heard of!
A magic sword or something
A pistol or Knife I`m not picky
A honest sword nothin to glamorous
Throwing stars, or something no one sees till the last moment!!!
Anything that will make a mess!
4. What is ur species?
Elf or something magial!
Uhh Human?(your no fun)
Demon trying to redeem self
Angel, sorta anyway...
Alien or high tech robot!
5. Your best friend is a...
I live alone...
My fellow Arch angels!
My annoying Fairy/dragon/unicor/ect
A Dog(no seriously)
My computar that supplies all my fun weopons!
A horse or somethin(YAAAAY!)
6. If you could pick a power it would be
to control the element(s)
To be half robot or whateve
To hav awesome street fighting skills!
To show people their souls!!!!(ohhh scary)
To hav a totally awesome fight move thing
ummmm IDK
7. What kind of clothes do you wear
Retro/ Punk
dark emo/goth
Old fashion stuff
IDK whatevers on the clearance rack
Fun Christian stuff!!!!!!
Oriental clothes from like anime or whatever
8. What books do you read?
Modern stuff
Christian thrillers(YAY Ted Dekker)
Anime/ Manga
9. Where would you live if you could?
A big pent house above my city!
In some awesome pagoda where I could train!
A fun castle
A high tech basement know one knows about
A house...!(thbbt)
My apartment filled w/ random stuff i`ve collected!
10. Whar`s your best quality?
I`m good with technology
I`m romantic!
I know my way around!
i`m wise
I`m stealthy
I can protect anyone without getting more then 3 people killed!:)
11. ...Your worst?
Messiah complex: I want every one to hav a happy ending... even at the cost of my own
I can be irritated easily
I`m PERFECT!(Huge ego)
I don`t give my enemies enough credit
I will risk anything for my friends
When something isn`t wired right it explodes

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Created on:3/1/2009 10:37:08 PM
Made by:ebony__wings

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