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Which warrior from the books are you
Just Try this EPIC test!!

1. Where would you train
Just with your mentor
With your mentor friends and siblings
With only your mentor and siblings
With only your mentor and friends
Only with your Dark Forest mentor and avoid your clan mentor
with your clan mentor and Darkforest mentor
With only your friends and siblings
With the medicine cat since that`s your only choice...
2. What would you spend your kit days doing
play fighting warriors
play fighting other kits
Playing mouse and warrior
sneaking out of camp
interested in herbs with the med. cat
Listening to elder tales
Play mossball
exploring camp
chatting with friends
sleeping in...
3. what would you spend spare time as an apprentice doing
Patrolling or training with friends
Hunting for the clan
Visiting friends from outside your clan
4. As a young warrior what would you prefer to do?
Sleep in
watch kits
Climb trees
Stay in the med. den
5. How much would you want to be deputy
Enough to kill the leader
Enough to give up your kits
Enough to show off
as much as any warrior
a little
Not at all
I couldn`t ever!!
6. What are you?
a leader of a group
Just a someone nothing special
A nurse or Doctor
a shy cowerd
A show off
7. Who do you think of yourself as most
8. Who do you hate the most
Good cats
Bad cats
Regular cats
Special cats

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Created on:6/21/2016 1:00:44 PM
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